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About the Program

GPA Clean Energy Plan
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About the Energy Sense Program

Energy Sense is a program to encourage conservation and lower energy consumption.
Energy Sense is:

  • For the benefit of all GPA customers
  • Required by the Guam Public Utilities Commission and funded by ratepayers for ratepayers’ benefit [1]
  • A joint effort of the Public Utilities Commission and the Consolidated Commission on Utilities [1]

All Energy Sense measures go through a comprehensive technical and economic analysis to be sure they are cost effective and benefit customers.


GPA has a responsibility to make sure that the rebate program is providing the intended benefits and is cost-effective. GPA will conduct random energy audits to test compliance with program requirements. These audits may include remote monitoring of customer electric usage and customer-scheduled onsite surveys of appliance upgrades.


Participation in the Energy Sense rebate program does not guarantee a specific reduction in your energy usage or power bills. Improvements in efficiency and reduction in energy usage depend on your existing appliance’s or air conditioning system’s efficiency, specifics of your home, and the way you use the appliance or system.


[1] Details regarding the Guam Public Utility Commission Order requiring this program may be found at

Man installing ceiling fan.